First Semester Week at the Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics


Every year in the winter semester, new students come to RWTH Aachen University. During the well-known "Ersti-Woche", students have the opportunity to get to know the institutes of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in order to gain insights into current research projects. At the Institute of Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics, projects from the individual departments were shown, so the students could actively experience current research.

For the Technical Vocational Education and Training Department, the FeDiNAR project participated with its demonstrator of a torque spanner. Using the demonstrator, the students were able to playfully experience how force transfer works. With the applied gamification approach, they were asked to "hand-tighten" a screw with an electronic torque spanner and compete against each other to see who came closest to achieving the specified goal. Of course, there were prizes for the best, including mugs from the institute and pencils with the RWTH logo. Things that can be handy for any student at the beginning of the semester!